Buying CBD is confusing. Here's how we help

It is hard to know what you are getting when you buy CBD anywhere.  Here's an article from JAMA 2017 where researchers bought 84 different CBD products then tested them for CBD content. Here is some of what they found:

  • ·      CBD concentrations ranged from 0.1 mg/ml to 655 mg/ml (a thousand-fold difference !)
  • ·      Only 31% of products had the CBD content printed on the label, so over 2/3 of CBD products had more or less CBD than printed on the label.
  • ·      The FDA actually sent warning letters to CBD businesses who had less than 1% CBD in their CBD-labelled products.

Jake Noir sells CBD that we recommend for patients that we have certified for the New York State Program. We have seen this reality in our own practice. Many of our patients bring in CBD products that have been bought or provided in good faith, and either:

  • ·      Have very little CBD in them
  • ·      Or have CBD in them, but the cost per mg of CBD is way too high, up to 5-10 times the cost of comparable products

So as consumers, we want products:

  • ·      That have the CBD we think we are buying
  • ·      At a reasonable price
  • ·      And are well manufactured without dangerous chemicals

It is difficult to sort all this out on your own.  Over our experience of 2800 patients, we have been able to identify CBD manufacturers who provide good product at reasonable prices for our patients.  It helps take the guesswork out of buying CBD.  

So make sure that you get what you are paying for. Every product on the Jake Noir site has been tried by us, and we recommend them to our patients. We are trying to help.

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