Living with COVID is stressful.

CBD can help decrease your stress.



CBD can really help with issues that living with COVID is making worse. If you or a loved one have insomnia, anxiety, depression, or PTSD maybe you should consider trying CBD to see if it can help. Just CBD to start, we can talk about THC later.


Covid is stressful

COVID is stressful.  Although there is finally a vaccine in sight, it will take some months for enough of us to be protected so we can all resume nearly normal programming. Until then, the stress of living with COVID and the necessary social distancing can really ramp up issues like insomnia, anxiety, depression, and PTSD.


How we can help

We offer a couple of approaches that may be useful in dealing with insomnia, anxiety, depression, and PTSD.   We have treated over 3500 people using medical cannabis (THC and CBD) to help these issues. Around 80% of folks report at least good relief when their THC and/or CBD are tuned to their individual needs.  So here are two approaches that may be useful: a  CBD only approach, and an approach which combined CBD with THC.


CBD only

This approach starts with some CBD by mouth and (optional) some CBD inhaled by vape. The whole point of this approach is that it is gradual: the full effects of CBD really only appear around two months in.  That's right: you just establish the habit of taking your CBD every day, and in a couple of months you notice that you are feeling better.

The best way to get this daily CBD going is attach it to a habit you already have

  • if you take medicine every day, just put a CBD capule into your medicine dispenser along with the rest of your meds
  • if you brush your teeth every morning, put a CBD vape right next to your toothbrush to remind you to take a couple puffs of CBD every morning

The more you can just get your daily CBD to be a habit, then forget about it, the more likely you are to gradually start feeling better in a couple of months.

A lot of folks start with (either or both):

  • a 50 mg CBD capsule every morning
  • 2 puffs of a CBD vape every morning

They groove these habits in over a month.  Then they either keep their CBD dose the same or double it.

They check in at two months to see if they are feeling better (sleeping better, less anxiety or depression, PTSD symptoms better ).

If folks are feeling way better on just CBD, then they just continue along.  Fortunately, people don't seem to build up a tolerance to CBD, so the same dose can work for a long time.  If CBD alone is not working or working enough, then a lot of people try adding THC.  In order to do this in New York State, a person needs a medical cannabis card.



At MedCannabisConsultants, we have treated over 3500 people with THC and CBD.  Our results are that over 80% of people will get at least good relief when we adjust their THC and CBD dosing to their own personal needs. 

Problems sleeping in particular seem to be helped by some THC at bedtime.  You vape a little to get to sleep and take a little by mouth to stay asleep.  We help you adjust this as you figure out what THC dose works best for you alone.


TL;DR redux

CBD can really help with issues that COVID is making worse. If you or a loved one have insomnia, anxiety, depression, or PTSD maybe you should consider trying CBD first. We can help adjust this to your individual needs. We can help you decide whether THC would be helpful as well.


Why not get started?

I want to just start with CBD .

I want to start with both CBD with THC 



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